Exchange and Cancellation Policy

You have the legal term of up to 7 days, counted from the receipt of the product, to regret the purchase. 

To do this, access your account on the Lovelike app, click on your profile (your photo), Purchase History. After locating the trade, click “cancel” and follow the steps below.

You will contact your seller to exercise your right to regret the purchase and get your money back. 

The seller will send you a return code for postage at the post office and after receipt of the product by the seller, the amount paid will be released.

If you want to exchange a product, you must contact your seller and request the exchange.

Some products cannot be returned:

  1. Baby Feeding
  2. Food and drinks
    Adult articles
    Baby Bath, Health and Hygiene
    Beauty & Personal Care
    Underwear, and Lingerie
    Food suplements
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